Advocate for Dogs and Puppies

How Advocate for Dogs Can Protect Your Pet

Advocate for dogsAdvocate for dogs is a topical solution you apply externally to your dog to treat external parasites such as fleas, mites and flea larvae as well as internal parasite infections such as roundworm, hookworm and whipworm. The treatment also gives protection against heartworm and sarcoptic mange.

Bayer Advocate  is widely available to buy and is not as expensive as other like for like treatments. For the eradication of fleas, flea larvae, mites, lice, mange and parasites it is the best treatment of its kind. Many other treatments are not safe to use on puppies and pregnant dogs so this treatment is an absolute must for pedigree dog breeders who need to be meticulous about the health of their puppies as well as the bitch that is carrying them. With a product like Advocate, there is simply no need for your dog to have fleas, parasites, or infestations. This treatment gives dog owners peace of mind. You can allow your dog to run free and roll in soil and grass without worrying as you will know that your dog is protected.

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How to Apply ?

How you apply the treatment depends on the size and weight of your dog. Advocate  comes in three different treatment sizes. Dogs which weigh up to 55 lbs would be treated with the small Advocate; dogs weighing between 55-87 lbs would get the large advocate and 88lbs and over would be treated with the Extra Large Advocate for dogs.

If you are using the small Advocate for dogs you should apply the solution between the dog’s shoulder blades, making sure that the applicator tip makes direct contact with the dog’s skin. Do not worry if you accidentally spill a little of the solution onto the dog’s coat as the natural oils in the coat will assist the solution to disperse across the dog’s entire coat.

If you are treating your dog using the large Advocate, you should apply the solution in equal amounts from the shoulder blades right down towards the tail, making a dotting motion with the applicator tip as you apply. The same method is used for the extra large Advocate but you should check that you are using the correct amount of applications depending on your dog’s size. Always be careful to read the instructions on the package thoroughly.

Is there any  side effects ?

Unfortunately, like many medicines and treatments for dogs, there can be side effects to using this solution. A list of possible side effects is clearly displayed on the packaging to make you aware of any unusual symptoms that you should be aware of.

Some dogs do show signs of being sensitive to the solution itself and may display signs of skin irritation or itchiness. In severe cases dogs can go on to develop an oily coat, redness and may vomit. It is important to note that all of these symptoms are extremely . This treatment has been scientifically tested as has been deemed completely safe for all dogs, pregnant dogs and puppies to use. However, if your dog does have any side effects and you are concerned then you should discontinue using the treatment. By doing this, any symptoms should slowly subside of their own accord. If symptoms are still present a week or two after stopping treatment, you should seek professional advice in case your dog may have a different unrelated condition.

Advocate Active Ingredients

Advocate for dogs contains two active ingredients called Imidacloprid and Moxidectin. Once applied using the easy application tip, the solution enters the dog’s bloodstream offering protection against external and internal parasites. Some dogs end up with heartworm. This is a particularly nasty parasite which attacks the arteries and lungs and causes symptoms such as coughing or breathlessness. Heartworm is treated by vets with Imidacloprid which is one of the active ingredients found in Advocate for dogs. So by treating your dog monthly with this solution you will be preventing your dog from becoming ill.

Within 3-5 minutes of treating with Advocate for dogs, fleas will stop biting and larvae will be destroyed, preventing further flea outbreaks. Advocate solution also controls ear mites, lice, gastrointestinal worms and mange. Usually after just one dose, your dog is protected from these unwanted parasites.

By using this inexpensive treatment just once a month you could potentially save yourself a lot of money by preventing having to take your dog to a qualified vet. It is completely waterproof so even if you walk your dog in the pouring rain after applying the treatment, the protection will not be compromised although you should allow at least one hour after treatment before allowing your dog to come into contact with water. The fact that Advocate for dogs is safe for dogs to use during pregnancy is very reassuring. This may actually give the litter she is carrying some protection from worms although it is always advisable to worm puppies anyway.

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